Storytelling in business

Dear potential storytelling enthusiast, you just arrived to the digital extension of a storytelling business book we published. Title would be something like: Storytelling as tool – use stories in business in English.

If Finnish is not your language, this site and our book can’t offer you that much, but please do read on. Maybe we could still help you somehow?

Who we are

We are two interdiciplinarians who are absolutely fascinated by the power of stories. Stories are such great tools for many purposes. As a day job we develop people and organizations. In our work we use storytelling in different ways. For us, storytelling is by no means just talking, writing or creating some sort of content. It’s also facilitating, envolving and co-creating with others.

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If any of this storytelling stuff seems interesting and/or you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us: mervi.rauhala(at)


Mervi & Tarja